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Wardrobe Clothes Organizer



Systemize your wardrobe to get everything you wear under control!

  Save closet shelf space. Easy to find anything in need. Provide a perfect solution for storing & classifying underwear, socks, ties, bra, scarves, baby items, etc.


Structured with 7 evenly spaced compartments, this organizer divides your storage and helps transform mountains of garments & collectibles into neatly categorized ones.


  • 7-slot Closet Storage Bin

    Structured with   7 evenly spaced compartments, this organizer   divides your storage  and helps transform mountains of garments & collectibles into   neatly categorized


  • Time-saving Closet Organizing

    Sorting & well-ordered division 
    makes it   highly accessible  to see the pattern and color of every garment. Get what you need at first glance   instead of searching within a messy clothes pile-up!

  • Can also be   used in multiple layers  to fully utilize your valuable closet space by stacking them up. You can also   re-position a batch of clothes at one time!
  • Anti-collapsing Structure

    Designed to be   foldable for easier storage  when not in use.   Thickened edges  with fine stitching durably   preserve the box shape even you fold it every day.

  • Foldable to  save your space when  not in useW ashablequick-dry &  not easily deform


  • Material: Nylon, oxford cloth edging
  • Color: Grey / White / Green
  • Size as below: 17 x 36 x 12cm (Medium) ; 25 x 36 x 20cm(Large)



  • 1 x Wardrobe Clothes Organizer